Zirconia High-Precision Ball

High-precision zirconia ceramic abll is mainly used for valve ball, full-ceramic bearing,measuring ball, trackball, fine grinding ball and also applied in the environment of high-temperature, corrosion,anti-electricity, anti-magnetic, non-lubrication etc.

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Zirconia High-Precision Ball

Type: High-precision Ball

MOQ: 5 pcs

Packing: according to your requirements



  • White color is main product. If customer requires, Zhimo could also provide yellow color.
  • With enough stock to fulfil the delivery requirements at any time.
  • With big size range.
  • The heat-expansion ratio of zirconia is 5×10-6/℃,near to metal and has good cooperation with metal. However, the size stability is changable with the change of temperature, which is not as stable as Silicon nitride in certain conditions.

Your Inquiries will be replied within 24 hours

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Compared with steel ball, the main advantages of zirconia high-precision ball are:

1、23% lighter of steel ball, reducing the centrifugal force, pressing force and brasion at high-speed and accelerating movements ;

2、Lower abrasion ration, excellent rotatability;

3、High temperature resistant, working temperature could reach 750℃;

4、No rusty forever, able to work without lubrication;

5、More resistant to chemical corrosion than steel;

6、No metal pollution;



Application Area: It can be applied as bearing ball, valve ball, measuring ball, track ball and fine grinding ball etc.

Application Area: As valve ball, it is widely applied for high-pressure homogenizer, pneumatic diaphragm pump, measuring pump, high-pressure spraying gun etc.

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