As a member of Root Group, With 10 years development, Zhimo New Material has already set up independent R&D center and owned new manufacturing base with annual output 3000Tons. Based on the extraordinary R&D ability and high-quality production control, Zhimo is leading the development of Chinese ceramic grinding media industry. In R&D area, Zhimo has cooperated with Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute and National Engineering Research Center for Domestic & Building Ceramic and has successfully completed the research of 0.1mm and 0.05mm beads and put into trail production. In Zhimo Anhui Production Base, from Forming, Sintering, Polishing, Selecting to Sieving, Zhimo strictly controls each production process to ensure the high-quality product.

Safety is the red line of all enterprises, and it is also the primary benchmark point for ROOT to carry out all customer service work. We observe safety from a series of aspects such as product planning, design, installation, use and service.
Equipment continuous transformation and upgrading, we will apply the latest technology to the old equipment upgrading and transformation, equipment stability and high efficiency. Continuous service (door-to-door maintenance every six months, lifelong service), regular personnel training.
Environmental Protection
ROOT is always committed to giving customers the most environmentally friendly solutions, all of our products from planning, design, installation, use, service and so on - a series of links are careful to adhere to the concept of environmental protection.
High Efficiency
Efficient docking, the project communication group is established at the early stage of the project, and there are special people in each link to carry out regular communication and service; Efficient equipment, the most reasonable program is provided, which is suitable for the customer's product characteristics and operation mode; Efficient service, the ROOT production base is supported by the spare parts warehouse.
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