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Zhimo New Material Technology Co.,Ltd is a member of Shanghai Root Group.

Shanghai Root Group has sixes branch companies, and focusing in the R&D and manufacturing of equipment and new material for fine chemical industry.

Zhimo New Material Technology Co.,Ltd focuses on the research and production of ceramic products. The main products includes all series of zirconia beads, ceramic sand-blasting bead, alumina balls, high-precision balls, silicon nitride balls, zirconia structural parts, silicon carbide structural parts.The products can be used in the industries of paint, ink, battery paste, cosmetics, pesticide, inkjet ink, pigment, dye and all other industries which will need the Grinding Media. Our product range of sizes are big and can fulfil the requirements for different equipment like sand mill, horizontal bead mill, basket mill, ball mill, vibration mill etc.

Zhimo New Material Technology Co.,Ltd

Why choose ZHIMO

We own mature R&D team to ensure the product formulation. We have good manufacturing team to ensure the product quality. We have six production lines to fulfil the customer needs at any time.


Free beads sample for testing of Zhimo beads quality before formal order placed

We can send from 50g-200g free sample to you for you to test our product quality before you decide to place the order.

Production capacity ensures enough stock whenever you needed

Six sintering lines to make sure 10tons/month of zirconia beads products. And huge stock to make sure “when you need, you will have them”.

Quality can compete with Japan and German beads after testing in customer site

Our zirconia beads used to be under comparison test with Japan and German beads and it turns out that the grinding performance is similar to Japan and German beads.

Good and considerate after-sale service

Considerate after-sale service to make sure no loss of your profit.

Tell us your requirement
if you have the following needs:

95% zirconia beads, zirconia silicate beads, Sand Blasting Beads,
bearing ball, valve ball or Ceramic Structural Parts etc.

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