Lab Ceramic Bead Mill

laboratory ceramic bead mill is specially designed for small volume formulation research. It can be widely applied in industries of pesticide (SC, OD), dye(disperse dye, vat dye), fluorescent brightener, water-based pigment, Automotive catalysts etc

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laboratory ceramic bead mill

Working Theory

The material to be ground will be fed into grinding chamber by feeding tank. The material will be stirred up with the grinding media by high speed rotated pin rotor. Under high speed rotation, strong crashing and shearing force are generated between the solid particles,grinding rotor and grinding media to grind the material to the target fineness. The ground material will be moved and discharged from the dynamic ring by the grinding chamber pressure. Lab ceramic bead mill could auto recycle by itself without the helping of extra pump.

Your Inquiries will be replied within 24 hours

Email: [email protected]

Tel.: 0086-21-69959291

(1) Patent turbo type rotor, performing high grinding efficiency;

(2) Adapted to tiny quantity formulation research, saving the raw material;

(3) Auto self-recyling system, easy for opertion and maintenance;

(4) Portable design, easy for moving;

(5) Rotor material could be ceramic, PU or hard alloy, adapted to different grinding requirements;

(6) Considerate design of residue/waste discharging system, with no polution to each-batch material.

Application Area: Applied for ultra fine grinding of micron grade, sub-micron grade and nano grade. It is widely applied for the scientific research, formulation research, small/middle sample production or small batch production etc in universities, scientific institte or manufacturers.

Application Area: Pesticide, pant, printing ink, dye, pigment paste, inkjet ink, electricity paste, nano size coating material etc.

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