The Advantages of Zirconia Beads in Market Applications

  • 九月 14, 2020

Zirconia beads are spherical granular materials that can be used in coatings. Its functions are to reduce costs, increase solid content, provide performance and improve process operating conditions. The following zirconia bead manufacturer-Shanghai Zhimo will tell you what advantages it has.
1. Hard and wear-resistant
Zirconium beads have high hardness and wear resistance, making the paint surface hard and scratch resistant. The surface lasts as new, saving you the cost and time of maintenance and repainting. If traditional fillers are used, soft or irregular particles will quickly wear out or crack the surface.
2. Gloss control
Many gloss-controlled materials increase viscosity. However, the use of zirconium beads can significantly reduce the gloss without increasing the viscosity.
3. Reduce viscosity and increase fluidity
Compared with other irregularly shaped fillers, zirconium balls roll as easily as steel balls between bearings. Zirconium beads have a large specific gravity, are easy to roll, and have large kinetic energy, so the viscosity of the formulation is reduced, the flow is increased, and the sprayability is improved.

4. Small equipment wear
Due to the high compressive strength, zirconium beads are added during production and grinding. To improve the dispersion effect, sand milling, ball milling, and rolling are all possible. Compared with the use of other fillers of the same or lower hardness, the use of zirconium beads has less wear on the equipment.
5. Effective barrier
The densely packed, hard, wear-resistant, and inert particles make the formula very durable and low in permeability, forming an effective barrier against harsh weather and chemical corrosion.
6. Stability
Because its composition is inert ceramics, zirconium beads can resist the erosion of various chemicals.
7. Higher filling volume, lower cost
Compared with other shapes of fillers, zirconium beads have a very small surface area to volume ratio. It can reduce the amount of resin and increase the amount of fillers, and the smaller-volume microspheres fill the gaps between the larger-volume microspheres, which increases the solid content, reduces VOC, and reduces costs.
8. Radiation curing
Zirconium beads are transparent to ultraviolet rays below 25nm, and UV energy can pass through the entire coating, which can help the deep curing of UV curing coatings and improve construction efficiency. For the application of electron beam curing coatings, zirconium beads can increase viscosity and control flow.
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